An Assessment of Leadership Styles and Skills amongst Public ...

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The aim of the study is to assess the leadership skills and competencies and identify gaps among employees managing the PEPFAR HIV and AIDS programme in South Africa. Methods: The survey strategy collected descriptive primary data using a SurveyMonkey instrument which was distributed via email to 70 employees. Results: Only fifty-one employees (73%) responded by completing the questionnaire online; 70 percent were female, 44 percent possessed Master degree, and 38 percent were in the forty-to-forty-nine years age group. Over a third identified the team-orientated leadership style as their main style. Strategic perspective and being a quick learner were selected as top strongest competencies for leading organizations. Strategic perspective and being a quick learner were selected as top two critical competencies for leading organizations. The two skills that were categorized under key gaps are strategic planning and balancing personal and work life. The top three derailments to organizational growth were: inability to manage beyond ones scope and functions (i.e. functional orientation too narrow), difficulty in changing or adapting, and difficulty in building and leading a team. Conclusions: The article highlights the important leadership styles and skills needed for effective HIV programme management in the future.