Amor Mundi


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Ironic, witty, all about the lightness of being, as tragi-comic as a Kundera could make it, or a Hannah Arendt would have, Dusan Velickovic’s beautifully-voiced work gives us the stories of a human being in a time and place called Belgrade, Serbia, his home, centre of the world’s attention and target for the world’s smartest bombs... when the danger from NATO’s bombs could be matched only by that of Milosevic’ secret police. To resist hating the world, Velickovic must find his own way of loving the world... Too old to flee, but far too young to be killed by a stray bomb or an assassin’s bullet, Dusan Velickovic writes back against a doctored set of images with broken images of his own, vignettes, funny, absurd, dignified and hurt, all at the same time.