A Management Model Regarding the Relationship between the Uni ...

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The management model proposed herein is a two-way normative system for higher education in Ecuador, defining the engagement that should exist between the university and the community it serves and structuring all teaching, research, and outreach programs to produce consistent feedback between the two. The proposal looks at priorities and necessities of research together with programs and projects as ways of structuring organized mutual commitment. The priority lines of action consist of subject hubs around which programs and projects are planned and implemented in alignment with the period of study and level of skills of the students plus the degree of participation required on the part of the community. Commitment programs are conceived of as overall areas of intervention planned in accordance with the main areas of expertise of the university, research strengths, state policies, and national development goals. These mutual commitment projects are presented at an operational level and designed for active participation of all the social actors involved, including teaching staff. Finally, there is a proposed methodology for monitoring and evaluating the impacts provided by the projects as calculated by public value generated at all stages of the roll-out of the mutual commitment activities.