Nature-centered Leadership

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Nature-centered Leadership is a book for those who aspire to reflect on their relationship with Nature while influencing others to do the same. Nature-centered leadership is not a category of leadership style per se—it is a process by which we build an aspirational narrative with others for a more sustainable future. Several leadership styles are considered, but Nature-centered leaders are primarily transformational in that they strive to build a shared vision for environmental protection. This book introduces Nature-centered visionaries who have demonstrated that it is possible to influence the way humans view and act with Nature. These visionaries include Saint Francis of Assisi, Charles Darwin, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Arne Naess, Thomas Berry, James Lovelock, and Chico Mendes. Their visions contribute to an aspirational narrative—a hopeful story—where humans are living in harmony with Nature. Nature-centered leaders leverage their efforts to build this aspirational narrative through education, the media, and organizations that act on Nature’s behalf. They encourage dialogue around various perspectives on how to sustain the environment. Some of us seek to understand the environment in purely material terms. Others seek to be good stewards of the environment as Creation. Still others of us seek to experience Nature and recognize her as having intrinsic value that is beyond explanation. Nature-centered leaders recognize these and other perspectives as essential voices in the dialogue for common ground and concerted action to preserve the environment for future generations. This is how each of us can become a Nature-centered leader.