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    Bluebell Learners 2018

    Dianna Resiak, Rita van Haren, Alison Cleaver, Jocelyn James, Bethany Marsh, Cherie Dryburgh, Ashleigh Brook

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    Building our Bluebell Community

    Rita van Haren, Liz Baker-Matterson, Hayley Hinde, Alison Cleaver, Sue Gorman, Jessica Humphreys, Ashleigh Brook, Alyssa Audsley

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    Banksia Learning Community 2018

    Rose Roberts, Andrew Merz, Michelle Cooper, Emma Sims, Gail Taylor, Kylie Libbis, Rita van Haren

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    Waratah Works 2018

    Trent Gavenlock, Christopher Antram, Rita van Haren, Catherine Whittle, Kristel Shelley, Kerry Tsirbas

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    Bluebell Arts

    Ashleigh Brook, Lenita Lindeman, Dianna Resiak, Liz Baker-Matterson, Sue Gorman, Rita van Haren, Alyssa Audsley

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    Banksia Creates

    Catherine Whittle, Kylie Libbis, Rose Roberts, Christopher Antram, Gail Taylor, Sue Gorman, Andrew Merz, Rita van Haren, Dean Dudgeon, Emma Sims

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    Waratah Works: Science

    Melissa Bissett, Kristel Shelley, Trent Gavenlock, Rita van Haren, Sue Gorman, Kerry Tsirbas, Christopher Antram

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    Wattle Arts Passion Projects

    Kylie O'Leary, Mike Aspden, Michelle Hodge, Matthew Weickhardt, Christopher Antram, Sue Gorman, Merrilyn Sparks, Rita van Haren, Michelle Cooper

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    Our Wattle Community 2018

    Mike Aspden, Lenita Lindeman, Rita van Haren, Michelle Hodge, Kylie O'Leary, Rebeca Chrzastowski, Emma Ross, Brielle Riley

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    Banksia Bonds

    Rose Roberts, Andrew Merz, Michelle Hodge, Catherine Whittle, Kylie Libbis, Gail Taylor, Rita van Haren, Matthew Weickhardt

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    Coming of Age and Point of View

    Jennifer Uhlmann, Rita van Haren, Anna McRae, Jennifer Nott, Prue Gill

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    Character in Short Stories

    Prue Gill, Adrian Haynes, Jennifer Nott, Anna McRae, Jennifer Uhlmann, Rita van Haren

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    Waratah Works: Passion Projects

    Melissa Bissett, Rita van Haren, Sue Gorman, Kristel Shelley, Christopher Antram, Kerry Tsirbas, Trent Gavenlock

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    Bluebell Passion Projects

    Jocelyn James, Rita van Haren, Sue Gorman, Dianna Resiak, Lenita Lindeman, Alyssa Audsley, Ashleigh Brook

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    Wattle/Banksia Buddies: Passion Projects

    Rose Roberts, Kylie Libbis, Michelle Hodge, Sue Gorman, Rita van Haren, Merrilyn Sparks, Michelle Cooper, Mike Aspden, Matthew Weickhardt, Emma Sims, Gail Taylor, Catherine Whittle, Andrew Merz